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 Words from the pastor
►June 1, 2024 

Dear Swift Church family,

What a wonderful month it has been full of celebrations — from Mother’s Day to installation, it has been joy-filled.

Ministering with you is a gift. I thank God for each of you every day.

When I think of our future together, it brings a smile to my face. Friends, we have an exciting summer ahead.

This Sunday begins the first week of our Summer sermon series. It is called “Bible Stories for Grown-Ups” and is loosely based on the book by Josh Scott. Together we will look at some of the stories from our childhood and explore how we hear them differently as adults.

Following each service will be a Bible study and a craft in the fellowship hall.

I hope you will stay for a little more study in these stories and engage your creativity with a craft each week.

We will have a special hymn sing on Sunday, July 7 and Christmas in July on Sunday, July 21.

Also beginning this summer is a wmen’s Bible study. It will be focusing on the devotional book, “Finding Calm in the Chaos: Christian Devotionals for Busy Women.” The first meeting will be Tuesday, June 11, at 6 p.m. in the fellowship hall.

I sincerely hope you will consider joining me for this special time together and bring a friend. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to me at I will ask that each person bring a small appetizer to share.

I couldn’t be more excited for the ways that we will learn and grow together this summer.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Alexandra

►May 20, 2024 

Dear Swift Church family,

I want to begin by saying that there are not enough words to thank you for what a special day yesterday was. It is a gift to be in ministry with you.

Each week in worship I ask you the question, “Good people of Swift Church, who are you?” You are good people — some of the best I know. I am grateful that God brought us to one another and I look forward to many years together.

I look forward to seeing you all in worship on Sunday.

Grace and peace,

Rev. Alexandra Hutson

►May 1, 2024 

Dear Swift family,

It has officially been one month since I began my ministry with you. A lot has happened in this short time. Each day, I think to myself that I could not be any more grateful to be your pastor — and each day, I am proved wrong.

People have described you as the “most praying church.” I have been told time and time again that if I just love you, you will love me right back. I have found both of these statements to be true. I have never received a welcome more warm than what you have given me and my family. We have been so blessed by the luncheon, cards received, texts sent and welcome gifts.

When I considered what my life might look like as your pastor as I discerned my call, I kept thinking that I could not imagine a better place for Elsie to grow up. As a pastor, a wife and a mom, it was not only important for me that this church be a good fit for me, but also for my family. As I have gotten together with members for lunches, I have learned what a faithful group you are, full of so much wisdom.

Last Sunday, I sat down during fellowship and watched as Elsie walked around the fellowship hall. I did not worry for one second about what she was doing or who she was with because I knew that she was being loved and nurtured. When she spent her first Sunday in the nursery, church members asked me, “Where is Elsie?” I truly could not ask for more.

I have been blown away by your dedication to your church and your ministries. I have volunteered in the food pantry and attended committee meetings. Each time, I have come away impressed with not only how much love there is in this church, but how well you embody it. Through the business of the church, the weedy details of church life, your love is exuded in all that you do.

I look forward to what our years of ministry bring us with hope. I believe that together we can spread the love of Christ throughout Baldwin County, and even further beyond.

Thanks be to God for each one of you.

Grace and peace,

Rev. Alexandra Hutson

►April 1, 2024 

Dear Swift family,

I am thrilled to be writing to you officially as your new pastor. I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time now and it is finally here.

Over the past year, I have enjoyed providing pulpit supply for you.

I am grateful that the opportunity to preach for you led me to experiencing God’s call to join you in the work of ministry.

Some of you may not know that it was in the midst of providing pulpit supply that I began to feel like there could be something more here. For several months, I fought that feeling as I was nervous to return back to work since I was enjoying being a full-time mom.

What I have learned, however, is when the Holy Spirit is calling you, that voice does not simply go away — in fact, it gets louder and louder. The more I came back to Swift Presbyterian, the stronger I heard God’s call. I felt it through the warm welcome I received each time, the way that you embody the love of Christ and the family feel that this congregation shares.

My heart could not feel more full at the thought of being your pastor. I look forward to all that we will do together as we journey through our lives in faith.

As I begin my time in the office this week, I hope that I will see many of you. Please know that my door is always open and my ears are ready to listen.

You can find me in my office Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. My “sabbath” day will be Friday. Do not worry if you are not physically able to come by my office because I will come to you.

See you soon.

Grace and peace,

Rev. Alexandra Hutson

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