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     What do you think?

    We’re asking for your opinion and ideas

    Please list some things that you think make Swift Presbyterian Church special. And list things that you think could be done to make the Swift congregation and its mission grow. Please pray about this first.

    That’s what people attending the adult class during Vacation Bible School were asked to do near the end of the final night.

    Here are some things that were cited:

    Swift pluses: friendliness, kindness and a loving, caring, nurturing attitude; humility of pastoral staff; a variety of ways to get involved, such as through the choirs; a great music program; Sunday school classes and other Bible studies; a peaceful setting; the passing of the peace during worship; an informative and inviting website; Cursillo; Pastor Keith leading a discussion class between worship services; GriefShare; the preschool; the food pantry; the meal gatherings of “Two or More,” “Butterfly Girls” and “Guys’ Night Out.”

    Ideas for growth of the church and proposals for other church needs: come up with more ways to get youth and young families involved; a bigger mission footprint in the world; a fellowship elder to focus on more events for fellowship to include people who attend both Sunday services and reach out to others; help hold worship services where services aren’t available; community projects; hymn sings.

    What do you think as a member of the Swift family of faith? We want to know. Please use the links below for forms on the site that you can use and submit. On one form, you can tell us what you think makes Swift special. On another form, you can suggest growth and service opportunities. And there is a spot on that form where you can say how you think God is leading you to get involved or deepen your involvement in Swift Church’s mission:

    Swift Church strives to be a biblically based community bringing God joy. Through the Holy Spirit we seek to become and make disciples of Jesus Christ in order to welcome unconditionally, worship passionately, grow faithfully, serve boldly and give extravagantly.

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