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    UKirk South Alabama 

    Campus ministry offers food and fellowship at weekly meetings

    UKirk South Alabama is a new campus ministry in Mobile, supported by the Presbytery of South Alabama.

    Since its programming started in fall 2016, UKirk has grown into a ministry for more than 30 students with six student leaders. UKirk meets on a weekly basis and welcomes students from all over the nation with many different faith backgrounds. Some of the students have never heard the word “Presbyterian” before and some have never even set foot in a church. The campus ministry provides a place for students to explore their faith and have a home away from home.

    However, without support from the churches in our presbytery and individual donors, the campus ministry is not able to exist. While UKirk is its own worshiping community, the students are not able to afford costs of programming or a staff’s salary — sometimes they aren’t even able to buy groceries, gas to get to work, or laundry detergent.

    By supporting UKirk financially, you are ensuring UKirk’s ability to provide food for the students, expenses that come with Bible studies, and social events, a pastor that provides sound theology that they may not get at other campus ministries, and a future for the PC(USA) as church leaders are being built through this programming. The UKirk community cannot thank enough the people who see the importance of continuing this ministry and seeing UKirk a local mission.

    UKirk South Alabama has weekly meetings on the Mobile campus where the students break bread together and share a message.

    The ministry also serves Spring Hill College of Mobile. Lauren Peters is the UKirk pastor. She has an office at Spring Hill Presbyterian Church.

    There is a need for people to help with meals by preparing, cooking, and transporting the meal to campus, and then people are encouraged to stay for food and fellowship with the students.

    If you would like to provide a meal for a Monday night, please call or text Philip Melton at 251-213-6505, or go to the website for more information: https://mealtrain.com/3l9nrw.


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