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     Pentecost Sunday 2016 | Go fly a kite . . .
    Up to the Highest Height

    Here is a link to the Rev. Keith Cardwell’s Pentecost Sunday sermon, “Up to the Highest Height.”

    ● To invite people to start a community garden.

    ● To visit the lonely in the hospital or nursing home and spend some time with them.

    ● To share the love of Christ to those in jail.

    ● To walk with those who are broken by divorce, death, unemployment.

    ● To start a summer ministry for kids of working parents.

    We go where the spirit says go, and soar where the wind of God blows.

     Red-dy for worship 

    By wearing red, the pastor’s Sunday school class symbolizes the flames of the Holy Spirit for Pentecost.

     Here come the flames of Pentecost . . . 

    Simulating flames by waving red ribbons, chancel choir and handbell choir members enter the sanctuary.

     It takes wind to make a kite soar and the Holy Spirit to make people reach the highest height 
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