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      October 2021


      a church that practices fruitful living

      Passionate worship 


      ►In person and online 

      ■ Worship each Sunday at 10 a.m.
      in the sanctuary;
      live streaming on Facebook

      ■ Online worship available later on YouTube and the church website

      October is Stewardship Month.


      The Swift Church Session met on Sept. 20. The meeting began after a quorum was declared.

         ■ The elders shared congregational concerns and offered prayer.

         ■ The financial statement was presented, along with a report from the finance committee, providing updates on stewardship emphasis, upcoming expenses for seal coating the driveway and repairs on the chapel/fellowship hall siding and leak repairs. The north Alabama property that was donated to the church several years back was sold. The proceeds from that sale, $4,400, will be forwarded to the Presbyterian Home for Children.

         ■ Sena Cooper has stepped down as treasurer. The session elected Lynn Aspray to be the treasurer through January 2022 or which time another treasurer is hired.

         ■ Heard the reports from building and grounds. Leaning trees are coming out soon. Exterior repairs on the chapel/fellowship hall are progressing. We are going to remove the gutters from the annex due to their ineffectiveness. Small repairs and servicing have taken place.

         ■ An update from the nominating committee reported that there are one of three elder nominees, two of five deacon, and one of one trustee. Their work continues.

         ■ Received reports from Swift Church Preschool, pastors and previous month’s minutes. Following some discussion, those were approved.

      The meeting closed with prayer.

      … for allowing God
      to minister through you

      Pastor Appreciation Day
      is Sunday, Oct. 10

      Swift Church office hours and pastors’ schedules

      It has been a busy year with lots to do. We wanted to take a moment to recognize all of the time and effort by Keith and Jody Beth. Thank you!

      To give them time to recharge from their busy schedules, we wanted to send out a reminder of the church hours and their schedules. The best time to reach them with a non-urgent concern is during the hours listed below at that time, they are able to respond to text and phone calls in a timely manner. If it is outside of these hours, please hold your texts and calls. This will allow them the opportunity to acknowledge and respond to only urgent and emergency calls outside of business hours, such as a family crisis or medical concerns.

      Thank you for your understanding as we all navigate busy schedules and need support and balance in our lives.

      Swift Presbyterian Church office
      Sena Cooper and Judy Walker — alternating weeks
      Tuesday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
      Friday, 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
      251-943-8367 —
      Website —
      23208 Swift Church Road, Foley, AL 36535

      The Rev. Keith Cardwell — senior pastor (full time)
      251-923-6961 —
      Fridays and Saturdays — off (except for pastoral emergencies)

      Pastor Jody Beth Melton — assistant pastor (30-hour week)
      Mondays and Saturdays — off (except for pastoral emergencies)
      Fridays — on call
      251-213-6625 —

      Christian education will host
      Fall Festival on Saturday, Oct. 30

      We will have trunk-or-treat, games, food and lots of fun beginning at 5 p.m.

      Volunteers are needed to help with trunk-or-treat. If you would like to contribute but not participate in the trunk-or-treat event, we will take candy donations.

      If you have a flair for or love decorating, please volunteer because we will need lots of that.

      Please contact Tracy Akins at 251-979-7798 if you are willing and able to help.

      It’s going to be a good time for everyone!

      Important dates to remember 

         ■ Deacons will meet after worship at 11:15 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 10.

         ■ Session will meet at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 18.


       Lisa Cardwell | music director 

      Our handbell choir will play on the following Sundays this fall:
         ■ Oct. 10
         ■ Nov. 7
         ■ Dec. 12
         ■ Christmas Eve

      Only in your email ... 

      The emailed newsletters include a directory update. These were sent out on Oct. 1.

      Radical hospitality 
      ►‘Two or More’ fellowship lunch 

      The “Two or More” fellowship lunch will not meet in October. Watch for updates for when we will begin Two or More for Lunch again.

      ►Butterfly Girls and Guys Night Out 

      Butterfly Girls and Guys Night Out has tentatively been moved to Thursday, Oct. 28, at 6:30 p.m. at Vallarta Mexican Restaurant, next to Winn-Dixie in Foley.

      In order to allow time for the session to confirm if we can return to gathering as an official church-sponsored event, we are tentatively moving from the usual third Thursday to the fourth (Oct. 28) to allow adequate lead time to plan after the session meets on Oct. 18. Watch the weekly announcements for Oct. 24 for confirmation it it’s a go. If approved, please confirm plans to attend with Mary McNair at 251-295-5267 or

      Mission and service 
      ►Food pantry 

      The food pantry served 34 families and 60 individuals during September.

      Special thanks to Al Sprouse, Susan Saylor, Marvin King, Jim Runtz, Kathy Menk, Mimi and Johnny Hollis for their help with the pantry.

      We will be open again on Oct. 13 and 27 from 10 to 11 a.m.

      ►Serving our community 

      The generosity of our church membership enabled snack baskets to be delivered to:

      ■ South Baldwin Regional Medical Center ■ Gulf Shores emergency room ■ Foley Fire Department ■ Foley Police Department ■ Elberta Fire Department ■ Cason Funeral Home ■ Pine Rest Funeral Home ■ Wolfe-Bayview Funeral Home ■ MedStar ■ LifeStar

      Kevin Barnwell continues his rehabilitation in Atlanta. Candi is there with him. Zadie Grace and Zoeylynn are at home with help from family.

      Most likely Kevin will come home in a wheelchair. To accommodate this, their house needs some renovations. Friends are heading this up. If you would like to help with the renovations, please contact Pastor Keith or Pastor Jody Beth.

      Swift Church collected over $2,200 on Sept. 26 to help purchase necessary supplies. If you would like to contribute, please send money to the church via mail, drop by the office or donate online at

      Mark your contribution as missions and write Barnwell in notes.

      Make a note: Kevin’s new room number is 241.

      So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.

      — 1 Thessalonians 5:11

      Intentional faith development 


      ►Cheryl’s adult Sunday school class 

      Cheryl’s class meets every week at 9 a.m. in room 2 in the annex.

      We enjoy coffee, fellowship and Bible study.

      Come grow with us as we continue our study in the New Testament.

      — Cheryl Jensen

      ►‘Snacks with Susan and Daryl’
      adult Sunday school class 

      Do you ever wonder why we believe what we do? Each week we say the Apostles’ Creed, but how did that come to be? Join us in the fellowship hall for Creed by Adam Hamilton. We will watch the DVD each week on at different topic and discuss- there’s also a companion book (not required at all, but if you’d like one just let us know).

      We hope you’ll lend your voice to our conversation on Sundays at 9 a.m. in the fellowship hall.

      The first session topics were God and Jesus Christ. Those remaining are:

         ■ The Holy Spirit (Oct. 3)
         ■ The Church and the Communion of Saints (Oct. 10)
         ■ The Forgiveness of Sins (Oct. 17)
         ■ The Resurrection of the Body (Oct. 24)

      — Susan and Daryl Pichoff

      ►Thursday morning Bible study 

      10 to 11:30 a.m. on Zoom

      This Bible study will continue through the Thursday before Thanksgiving, Nov. 18. Joiners are welcome and encouraged.

      Contact Pastor Jody Beth for the Zoom links to sample, visit or join this online study.

      Facilitators are Pastor Jody Beth and Philip.

      Extravagant generosity 
      ►Please remember to give 

      Generosity describes the Christian’s unselfish willingness to give in order to make a positive difference for the purposes of Christ. Extravagant generosity describes practices of sharing and giving that exceed all expectations and extend to unexpected measures.

      Thank you for your generous pledges and ongoing offerings. Your support and commitment to our church is greatly appreciated.

      ►About online giving 

      Using your “smart phone” and this box you can connect to the church’s online giving page. You can set up for automatic donations of your tithes or one-time gifts to a number of funds benefiting ministries of Swift Church. Use this by either entering your credit/debit card information or your checking account information. Of course, this is a secure website.

      You can also do the same thing by clicking a donation link on the church’s website.

      ►Church library 

      If you are an avid reader — young or old — come check out our library in the annex. Not only are there classics and books for young readers, there are biographies, fiction and even books featuring religious topics. Come browse on a rainy day and check out a book. You will be surprised with the many familiar authors and topics available.

      Swift Church Preschool 

      We have a lot going on this month. Halloween is fast approaching and we are so excited to announce our Fall Festival we will be having on Oct. 22 from 6 to 7 p.m. We hope all of our families will make it. We will be having trick-or-treating, games, and food for families. Please bring your child in their costume as we will be hosting a costume contest. Class Halloween parties will be on the 30th. Please remember we are PEANUT-FREE so nothing with peanuts.

      Please remember that we are also closed the 8th and the 11th for Fall Break. Trick-or-treating is coming up this month, and we will also celebrate safety week here at the preschool the week of Oct. 18. We can combine them for a lesson with the children! Some general but major rules when trick-or-treating definitely go along with safety. We can take this fun time and help teach the children a few things to keep them safe all the time, not just during Halloween. For example, you can take this time to discuss how we look both ways before crossing the street and how in the dark, it can be difficult to be seen. This can lead to a discussion of why we should wear bright clothes, have a flashlight, or even a glow stick at night to help others see us.

      Fun days to remember:
      Oct. 8 and 11 — Fall break; no school
      Oct. 13 — Wear orange
      Oct. 22 — Fall Festival
      Oct. 30 — Class Halloween parties

      School telephone: 251-943-8367

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