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      February 2022


      a church that practices fruitful living

      Passionate worship 


      ►In person and online 

      ■ Worship on Sundays at 8 a.m.
      in the historic chapel

      ■ Worship each Sunday at 10 a.m.
      in the sanctuary;
      live streaming on Facebook

      ■ Online worship available later on YouTube and the church website

      ■ Join your church family for fellowship
      after the 10:00 service in the fellowship hall.

      A note from our retired pastor ... 
      ►‘Farewell good friends ’til we meet again’ 

      To the Swift congregation,

      With heartfelt thanks, I write. Your love and kindness were certainly on display Sunday. The retirement arbor and swing are perfect and will provide many days of restful joy. I will treasure our time together whenever I sit, swing or sleep on it. Your affirming words, hugs, and tears confirm my own emotions and appreciation. The cake was beautiful and decadent. The birthday balloon and flowers are still brightening our home. The lunch was delicious.

      Sunday was not goodbye; it was (to highlight our final hymn) “farewell good friends ’til we meet again.” May Shalom be with you.

      Your grateful pastor and friend,



      The Swift Church Session met on Jan. 17.

      After introduction of the newly installed members, the meeting opened with prayer.

           ■ First on the agenda was approving the 2022 budget. The budget total is $257,000. A significant portion of the increase is due to rising insurance costs.

           ■ We approved the written reports that required no action.

           ■ Personnel announced that all the staff is staying on after Pastor Keith’s retirement. During the transition, Pastor Jody Beth Melton will work Sunday through Thursday, with Friday and Saturday as days off. Session agreed to support her time off and be contacts for ordinary issues.

           ■ Worship — Susie Alexander joined the church on Jan. 16. Supply preaching schedule is listed in Worship in February, and Greg will continue to work on filling slots for March.

           ■ Lynn Aspray (treasurer) and Susan Pichoff (clerk of session) were approved to retain their positions in 2022 by unanimous vote.

           ■ Don Aspray and Jan Taylor will represent Swift at the February Presbytery meeting. (This meeting has been changed to March.)

      A congregational meeting was set for Jan. 23 to dissolve the pastoral relationship between the Rev. Keith Cardwell and Swift Church.


       Lisa Cardwell | music director 

      During the month of February (specifically on the 13th, 20th, and 27th), piano duets will be focusing on a musical style called “canons.” Simply put, “a canon is a piece of voices or instrumental parts that sing or play the same music at different times. A “round” is a type of canon, but in a round each voice when it finishes, can start back to the beginning, singing “round and round.” The most well known canon is “Pachelbel’s Canon,” written by Johann Pachelbel. You’ll be hearing this canon on Feb. 20. Other well-known composers who wrote canons include Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

      Canons being played during this month are the following:
           ■ Feb 13 — “Alleluia Canon,” based on a canon by W.A. Mozart
           ■ Feb 20 — “Canon of Praise” based on “Kanon” by Johann Pachelbel
           ■ Feb 27 — “Canon of Thanks” based on a traditional folk song.

      The handbell choir will play on Feb. 20. During these times of COVID variants, we are requiring flexibility on everyone’s part in order for the community to be safe. We certainly appreciate Heather Myer and Pate Cardwell helping us out on Jan. 23 due to three ringers being out with health concerns. We strive for the many ways in which handbell ringing promotes “teamwork,” and this was certainly exemplified on that day. The team came together and quickly learned different music on the 23rd from what we had rehearsed for a month.

      Important dates to remember 

         ■ Susie Alexander will be ordained and installed as a deacon at 10:00. worship on Feb. 6.

         ■ Session will meet at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 21, in the annex, room 2.

       Swift Church deacons 

      Board of Deacons — 2022
      Moderator — Debbie Schmidt
      Vice-moderator — Jane King
      Card/stamp ministry coordinator — Karen Langley
      Pastoral advisor — Pastor Jody Beth Melton
      (See full list of names of deacons elsewhere in the newsletter.)

      The deacons are meeting to take a prayerful look at the current congregational care lists to update addresses and contact information, share pastoral care concerns and seek to ‘find the lost.’ With COVID, it has been difficult to know who is worshiping in person, online, with another church family, or not at all. We want everyone to have a church home, and any who have drifted from worship to know that Swift stands ready to welcome them home. Please pray for the deacon ministry. They are praying for you.

      Radical hospitality 
      ►‘Two or More’ fellowship lunch 

      Thursday, Feb. 3 • 11:30 a.m.
      Captain’s Choice Grill, Foley
      2881 S. Juniper St., inside Gulf Bowl

      The “Two or More” lunch group meets on the first Thursday of each month for food and fellowship. All are welcome! Sometimes we have friends of church members join us.

      Please plan to join us and invite others. Contact is Pastor Jody Beth.

      ►Butterfly Girls and Guys Night Out 

      Thursday, Feb. 17 • 6 p.m.
      El Paso Mexican Grill
      3191 S. McKenzie St. #3701, Foley
      (next door to Hobby Lobby)

      We gather once a month for great conversation and fellowship over dinner. Men and women sit separately. If you’ve never come, please consider joining us — it’s a great way to get to know others in the church, and guests are welcome as well.

      Please RSVP to Mary McNair by text at 251-295-5267 or email at Please provide the names of all for whom you are making the reservation and indicate any who would like a ride.

      Mission and service 
      ►Food pantry 

      The food pantry served 29 families and 50 individuals in ï»¿January. It will be open again on Wednesdays, Feb. 9 and 23, from 10 to 11 a.m. to serve the community.

      Some exciting news for our food pantry …
      Publix grocery stores have a corporate program to distribute products locally. Our Swift Food Pantry volunteers, after working on this for over a year, were notified this week that we have been chosen to partner with the Publix store in Foley.

      This means we will be picking up products from the various departments to distribute to those in need.

      Swift has been chosen because of our adherence to high standards of safe food handling and high level of customer service. These are products that don’t meet Publix retail standards but still meet standards for distribution to food pantries like ours around the region.

      We have an immediate need for a volunteer to pick up food from the Foley Publix on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 a.m., beginning Wednesday, Feb. 2. Someone with access to a truck, van or SUV that can handle cases and boxes of donations is preferred. If you can help us serve the community in this endeavor, please contact Al Sprouse at 251-744-1944.

      ►Swift financial assistance 

      If you are in financial need from lack of work, medical bills, or other reasons, please contact Pastor Jody Beth for assistance. Your generosity to the pastors’ discretionary fund allows us to provide those in need with financial support.

      Intentional faith development 


      ►Cheryl’s adult Sunday school class 

      The class, led by Cheryl Jensen, meets in room 2 in the annex every week at 9 a.m.

      ►‘Snacks with Susan and Daryl’
      adult Sunday school class 

      The class, led by Susan and Daryl Pichoff, meets in the fellowship hall every week at 9 a.m.

      ►Sunday school for children, youth 

      Meets in the annex, youth room, every week at 9 a.m. Taught by Tracy Akins.


      Wednesday, Feb. 16 • 6 to 8 p.m.
      at the Akins home

      9132 Woodland Drive, Elberta

      Middle- and high-school youth will meet for dinner and Refuel. Refuel will continue to meet the third Wednesday of each month during the spring semester.

      Extravagant generosity 
      ►Please remember to give 

      Generosity describes the Christian’s unselfish willingness to give in order to make a positive difference for the purposes of Christ. Extravagant generosity describes practices of sharing and giving that exceed all expectations and extend to unexpected measures.

      Thank you for your generous pledges and ongoing offerings. Your support and commitment to our church is greatly appreciated.

      Clicking the button will take you
      to our donation page on a secure site.

      ►About online giving 

      Using your “smart phone” and this box you can connect to the church’s online giving page. You can set up for automatic donations of your tithes or one-time gifts to a number of funds benefiting ministries of Swift Church. Use this by either entering your credit/debit card information or your checking account information. Of course, this is a secure website.

      You can also do the same thing by clicking a donation link on the church’s website.

      A time of transition 

      Our church is in a time of transition after the retirement of Pastor Keith Cardwell. During this time, your contacts are the elders, deacons, and Pastor Jody Beth.

      See the list below for their names and areas of responsibility. Phone numbers are in the emailed announcements and newsletter.

      ►Leadership at Swift Church — 2022 

      Tracy Akins, Christian education
      Don Aspray, finance
      Chuck Carneal, missions
      Greg McNair, worship
      Mark Melton, fellowship
      Cathy Rogers, preschool
      Jan Taylor, missions
      Joe Walden, buildings and grounds
      Susan Pichoff, clerk of session
      Lynn Aspray, treasurer

      Susie Alexander, congregational care
      Billie Cardwell, congregational care
      Jane King, congregational care
      Karen Langley, congregational care
      Mary McNair, fellowship
      Kathy Menk, fellowship
      Debbie Schmidt, congregational care
      Betty Sizemore, congregational care
      Judy Walker, congregational care

      Sena Cooper and Judy Walker, church office: 251-943-8367
      Jody Beth Melton, assistant pastor:, 251-213-6625

      Therefore encourage one another
      and build each other up,
      just as in fact you are doing.”

      — 1 Thessalonians 5:11

      Swift Church Preschool 

      February is here and we are getting closer to spring.

      We have a lot of activities going on this month. We will be having our Valentine’s Day party on Feb. 12.

      This year, I am encouraging parents to get creative with their children and make your child their very own Valentine’s Day box. Each child will also need to bring in valentine cards for their classmates. Please ask your child’s teacher or the director if you have any questions.

      Want to do a cool experiment with your child? You can try the Fizzling Heart Bombs. You just need a few things, including a heart cookie cutter. You create a little heart with baking soda and some water, then put in the fridge for a little to harden (or use as is). Then, drop the heart into warm water, vinegar, and soap mix (that you can color red with food coloring). They fizz and make bubbles.

      Important dates:
           ■ Feb. 2 — Groundhog Day
           ■ Feb. 14 — Valentine’s Day Party
           ■ Feb. 18 — Spring pictures at 8 a.m.
           ■ Feb. 28 – March 2 — No school (Mardi Gras)

           ■ Tennis shoes and socks every day
           ■ Drop-off ends at 9 a.m. The doors will lock promptly.
           ■ We follow Baldwin County Schools calendar.

      School telephone: 251-943-8367

       Only in your email ... 

      The emailed newsletters include directory updates. These were sent out on Jan. 28.

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