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      A Church That Practices Fruitful Living


      Lent in a Bag

                  On the first Sunday of Lent (February 14) individuals and families will receive small bags with 6 symbols (one for each week) of the Lenten season. Each symbol is related to the scripture and sermon of the week. This will assist you in practicing Lent at home. Along with each item there will be instructions, and reflections to go with each item for family conversation and devotion. 

      February 7    Transfiguration Sunday


                              Pastor Keith and Lisa at Live Oak Assisted Living 1pm

      February 10   Ash Wednesday, 6:00pm

                               Imposition of Ashes

      February 14   Luke 4:1-13        

                               Gwenda and John Fletcher speak at both services

                               First Sunday of Lent

      February 21    Luke 13:31-35       

      February 28   Luke 13:1-9           

      March 6          Luke 15:11-32    Communion

      March 13        John 12:1-8             

      March 20       Luke 19:28-40 

      The Journey to Easter

      March 24        Maundy Thursday, 6:00pm

      March 25        Good Friday, 6:00pm

      March 27        Easter Sunday   Luke 24:1-12  Communion


      Lisa Cardwell

                  After a very brief break, our singers and ringers are back at it. They don't stop! Their enthusiasm for what they do encourages me to keep looking for new music selections and reviewing previous selections. The chancel choir will sing "In the Silence of This Moment" on Feb 7th, which is based on a beautiful Welsh folk tune called "Suo-Gan". They will also be leading worship on Ash Wednesday, Feb 10th, with "Turn to the Living God".

                  Our Handbell choir will be leading worship on Feb 14th by playing "My Life Is in You, Lord" and "Bound for the Kingdom".

                  Looking ahead, we are planning a Holy Week that will be special, and more challenging for the Music Department at Swift than ever before!  We are calling it "The Journey to Easter".

                  We are planning a tone chime choir for both nights, and are opening up this opportunity for the congregation. Remember, no music reading experience is necessary! Just a willingness to play a simple instrument, and play as part of a team. Those who have joined us in the past have provided positive feedback for their participation in the two tone chime groups that have played. We will be playing some old favorites appropriate for the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services. We will begin rehearsals on Feb 21 after the 10:00 service. Contact me if you are interested in joining us. Don't miss out on "The Journey to Easter"!


                  We are pleased to offer specific training for those of you who are interested in participating in the Ministry and Spiritual growth of our children!  Sunday, January 31st (11:45) we are offering training on how to conduct a Children's Sermon and Acolyte training for Children 2nd grade and up.  This is such a CRITICAL part to the growth and development of our children so we hope that you will come learn how you can influence the young lives in our church.  


                  Swift Presbyterian Church’s “Two or More” Lunch Group

      “Where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”  Matthew 18:20

      Thursday, February 4th at the Cracker Barrel

                  “Two or More” is a monthly ecumenical fellowship luncheon, open to all. They meet once a month, on the first Thursday of each month, at 11:30 am. This year they are meeting at Cracker Barrel in Foley.  People who are able to attend are encouraged to invite and bring along someone who may not be able to get out as easily — someone who doesn’t drive for example – so that “two or more” will gather!  Men, women, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors — are all welcome. Please RSVP to Lee Mansell, 251-232-4775 or the church office at 251-943-8367 to make a reservation.  February being the month of Valentine’s Day, everyone is encouraged to wear either red or a Swift “I Love My Church” T-shirt.

      Butterfly Girls and Guys Night Out

      Butterfly Girls and Guys Night Out are opportunities for us

      to gather for a meal and fellowship, with no agenda and no commitments.

      ALL ladies are invited to Butterfly Girls,

      and ALL men are invited to Guys Night Out.

      Our next gathering is Thursday, February 18th at 6:30pm

      Butterfly Girls will meet at Portabella’s Restaurant and

      Guys Night Out will meet at Fish River Grill #2,

      both in Foley on Hwy 59, a few blocks south of the intersection of 59 & 98.

      Please RSVP by Call or Text to Susan or Daryl Pichoff at 251-233-9486.


      Christian Education

      Christian Education Youth News: February 2016

      Submitted by Ginny Kleinschmidt

                  Wow!!!  What a great year we have already had and it truly has only begun! We finally got the youth room painted!  Shout out to youth, who gave up their out of school holiday, January 18th, to paint.  That would be Jessica Gosa, Sarah Kleinschmidt, Olivia Akins, Ella Thomas, Landon Merchant, William Vanbrimmer, Hailey Vanbrimmer and Maycie Ulrich!!!  And Tracy Akins and Mike Barnwell!!! It looks great. If you get the chance come by and see.

                  In the month of January we have had two wonderful meetings for the youth.  We had Refuel on Wednesday, Jan 20th at the Menks’ home.  Great turn out…10 youth were there!  And we had our GɸG meeting on Sunday, Jan 24th at the church with another good turnout of 6 youth and a wonderful meal provided by Vicki and Doug Elsler!

                  The youth are doing a fundraiser on January 31st providing a Spaghetti dinner for members of our church which includes to-go boxes for those who attend the 8:00 service and dinner in fellowship hall for 10:00 attenders. We thank you for your donations and support!

                  In February we plan to go to Winter Jam on Thursday, February 4th, in Mobile at the Mitchell Center. We will meet for Refuel on Wednesday, February 10th, in the Youth Room following Ash Wednesday Service at 6:00 pm which we will attend together.  And GɸG meeting will be February 28th at the church 4 – 6 pm.

                  Our next big project is our outside fire pit.  If you are interested in helping out please let me or one of our youth know.  Extra hands make light work! We also plan to help Lynn Barnwell with her vision of the Outdoor Chapel.  More details to come on that later.

                  Please be in prayer for our youth and their faith journey.  Be in prayer for our Youth Group Leaders and parents who work so hard for this ministry.  Thank you for being a church our children are learning to call their own and for planting the seed of faith in each one of them!

      Adult Sunday School Classes

      Our Adult Sunday School classes meet on Sunday mornings 9:00-9:45 in the Annex.

                  “Coffee with Keith” meets in the Library and they discuss topics of interest to the participants.

                  “Live with Anthony and Norman” meets in the Andy Lay room. They are studying the book of Esther.

      You’re Invited to the Thursday Morning Bible Study for Men and Ladies

      “Ecclesiastes:  Looking for the Answer to the Meaning of Life” Bible Study meets

      on Thursdays from 9:30-11:00am in the Swift Church Library using the Bible, study books

       by Dr. Warren Wiersbe, and lots of discussion.  There are 8-10 people each week.

      Prayerfully consider if God is leading you to join us.

      Contact Pastor Jody Beth for more information, 213-6625.

      Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God

      A Small Group Study on Tuesdays from 2:45-4:30pm

      Submitted by Kathy Menk

                  I don’t know about you, but I do not remember a time in my childhood or youth that I did not go to church. I never knew “not going to church” was an option. I grew up knowing all about God – I knew God created the universe; I knew God gave us His only Son so that if I believed in Him, I would have eternal life; I knew Jesus was born in a manger on Christmas Day; and I knew that He died on a cross on Easter, and we all got new clothes (sometimes new shoes) and pretty white gloves to wear to church that day. I knew all ABOUT God, but I didn’t know God. Through my adult years, I continued to attend church on most Sundays and then go out into the world the other 6 1/2 days a week and live MY life the way I wanted to live it. And, boy o boy, could I ever get myself into some real messes, living MY life MY way!

                  Not until I attended Cursillo and then, a few years later, participated in an “Experiencing God” study, did I realize that there is a much better way to live than my way. I learned through both groups that God loves me unconditionally, He has a plan for my life that is at least a gazillion times better than my plan, and there is nothing I have to do, or can do, to earn this better life except trust Him and love Him back. You see, just as we want what is best for our children, no matter how they misbehave sometimes, and just as we crave an intimate and personal relationship with our children, God wants the same with us. In fact, He created us just for that purpose – to love Him and be in relationship with Him.

                  I feel as though I have been given the most wonderful Gift of all times – the Gift of the Holy Spirit living in me, leading me, forgiving me, teaching me, equipping me to seek and do His work, and I invite you to share this Gift with me. I invite you to “Experiencing God.

                  “Experiencing God” is a 13-week course in which participants will learn how to have a meaningful and personal relationship with God and to know His will in their lives. God is at work around you. Will you join Him?

                  God will lead and I will facilitate this course in the Andy Lay room of Swift Church beginning Tuesday, February 23rd from 2:45-3:30. The class will continue to meet on Tuesdays, 2:45-4:30, through May 17th. Cost is $20 for the workbook. Scholarships are available. This course requires a significant time commitment on the part of the class members, but the rewards are potentially eternal.

                  I will be out of touch for all of February, but my good friend and former “Experiencing God” classmate, Joan Moore will be taking calls for me. For more information or to register, please call her at 943-6309. She will then order the books and meet with you on 2/23/16 to collect your $20 and hand out your books and your first homework assignment. Then I will be back for our first class meeting on 3/1/16 to discuss Unit 1. I will be praying for you to hear God’s call either to this class or to some other experience in which you will learn to know God’s abundant peace and unconditional love. Lee Mansell has also taken this class and could answer any questions you might have.

      Presbyterian Women Spring Gathering

      Dear Ladies of Swift,

      We miss you.  While you may not have a Presbyterian Women organization there, you are still our sisters-in-Christ and we miss seeing you.  The PW Spring Gathering will be at Spanish Fort Presbyterian Church on Saturday, March 12.  Registration forms have been mailed to your church office.  On behalf of the entire Presbytery Coordinating Team, I want to extend our deepest desire to have you share the day with us.  Come and share a day of fellowship, learning and worship with your friends from around the Presbytery.

      Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, concerns or just to visit.

      Yours in Christ,

      Judy Persons

      Moderator, PW of South Alabama                         

      Note: Judy will join us for worship on February 28th to provide more information about PW and the Spring Gathering.  Also, Pastors Keith and Jody Beth are 2 of the 3 workshop leaders for the Spring Gathering.

      College and Adult Education Students

                  Several adult members of our congregation are furthering their education through college and other adult education studies.  We can support them with our prayers, and perhaps you feel called to do something special for one or more of them.  Maybe sending an encouraging card? Or a care package? Making a meal for a family whose mom or dad is studying? Providing restaurant gift cards for students living away from home? Or gas cards for a student traveling back and forth to classes frequently? How about offering child care during exam time?

                  Here is a list of those who we know are students.  If you know of someone else, or if you are one of the ones taking classes, please let us know so we can include all students in our prayers.

      Pate Cardwell, Columbia Southern University, On Line Bachelor of Applied Science in Fire Administration program

      Rene Guidroz, University of South Alabama

      Tessie Helton-Carrel, Faulkner State Community College, Culinary Arts Program

      Tracy King, Bossier City Community College

      Karely Kleinschmidt, Faulkner State Community College

      Tara Morrow, Pensacola State College, Physical Therapist Assistant program to earn Associates Degree in Applied Science.

      Philip Melton, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, On Line Christian Leadership Program.

      Zach Melton, Central Alabama Community College

      Karleigh Neese, University of South Alabama

      Tanya Vetrano, Faulkner State Community College, Criminal Justice


      2016 Deacon Ministry

      Brett Cooper, Linda Runtz, Tosha Thomas (2018)

      Don Aspray, Lisa Cardwell, Tresa Melton, Judy Walker (2017)

      Beth Brewer, Kathy Menk, Teresa Neese, Jack Williams (2016)

       Fellowship Time

      Beth Brewer            747-3847

      Brett Cooper           747-4036

      Tosha Thomas        747-0924

      Jack Williams         978-6814                                                                   

      Congregational Care

      Judy Walker               943-9613        BC, I                                                                          

      Linda Runtz               923-8821        EF, QR, YZ & Williams & Turner                          

      Don Aspray                 424-2816        DGHUV                           

      Tresa Melton              747-0990       JK, NOP                               

      Teresa Neese             747-2134         LM                             

      Marlene Hastings      752-9875        ST & Runtz

      Lisa Cardwell             767-0777        A, WX                       

      Kathy Menk                971-6509        8:00 Service          

      Souper Bowl Sunday

                  Swift Presbyterian Mission Elders Philip Melton and Cathy Rogers are planning a Souper Bowl Sunday fundraiser on Sunday February 7th in the fellowship hall following the 10:00 worship.  There will be a free-will donation that will assist our Food Pantry for 2016.  You will be able to put your donation in a container voting for your favorite Super Bowl team.  The menu will include the following foods provided by Swift Presbyterian cooks:

      • A delicious variety of homemade soups
      • A luscious assortment of breads
      • A delectable selection of homemade desserts

                  We ask that food be brought to the fellowship hall by 9:30 AM so that folks might pick up to-go meals after Sunday School.  Come join us to make this a spirited Super Bowl Sunday event and a successful mission project for our food pantry.

      GriefShare Support Group

                  Many in our Church family and community have experienced the death of a loved one in the last year.   When we are grieving it is hard to concentrate, hard to even function. It is very difficult sometimes to express to others what we are feeling. Getting out of bed every day can be a difficult chore.  There are no "instructions" for grieving.  Those who are not on the same path that you are on don't seem to know what to say and sometimes don't know "what is wrong with you".  During these times it is always good to be with others who are going through the same things you are going through.  GriefShare is a Christ centered grief support group that provides you with tools that will help you navigate your way on the grief journey and gives you the gift of time with others who can support you, comfort you and even provide you with suggestions that might make this time easier to handle.  Those who attend GriefShare are struggling with the death of someone they love.  It might have been last month or it might have been 10 years ago.  It may have been their parent, their spouse, their sibling or their friend, but they all feel some of the same things and they all are searching for a way to make it through this very difficult time. 

                  Swift Presbyterian Church will be working alongside Liberty Church to bring this very important ministry to all those who are looking for ways to handle their grief.  We will be offering the next cycle of meetings for GriefShare beginning Monday, February 1st at Liberty Church in Foley.  Sessions will be from 6-8 pm. There is a registration fee of $15 which includes a very important workbook. If you or someone you know are looking for a safe place to go with your grief, please join us.  For additional information, please call Paula Brewer 251-284-4225, Teri Wiersig 251-213-1062 or the Church office 251-943-8367.  

      Missionaries at Swift on February 14, 2016

                  Gwenda and John Fletcher, Presbyterian missionaries to the Congo, will be at Swift Church on February 14th. They will speak briefly at both worship services, talk in detail about their work during the Sunday School hour, and will be our guests at fellowship time following worship. Come hear them talk about their role in proclaiming and living Christ.

      About John and Gwenda Fletcher's ministry
                  In January 2009 John and Gwenda Fletcher were appointed to serve with the Presbyterian Community of Congo (CPC) in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

      John works with the Christian Medical Institute of the Kasai (IMCK), helping the staff build and maintain a unified network of all the CPC’s mission hospitals. Although John’s primary surgical responsibilities are at the Good Shepherd Hospital, his broader charge is to work with the CPC medical director in support of the CPC medical program. He teaches medical residents, medical students and nursing students at the IMCK and other mission hospitals.

                  The CPC came out of the efforts of the “American Presbyterian Congo Mission,” which existed from 1891 to 1970 and has been a fully autonomous church since 1961. The CPC serves a large part of the population in West and East Kasai through its ministries of evangelism, health, education and development.

                  Gwenda fills a position that World Mission has long been recruiting for: education consultant. She works with the CPC, helping the church with teacher training, administration and community involvement.


      Ecumenical Community Lenten Lunches

      Begin February 11, 2016

      The lunches are light, but the music and worship are full and rich!  The lunches begin at 11:30am and end at 12:30pm.  Save these dates:

      February 11, 2016      Speaker:  Rev. June Jernigan, U M District Superintendent

      February 18, 2016      Speaker:  Rev. Jonathan Wallace, First Presbyterian Church

      February 25, 2016     Speaker:  Pastor Linda McGowin, New Fellowship Church

      March 3, 2016      Speaker:  Msgr. Stephen Martin, St. Bartholomew Catholic Church

      March 10, 2016      Speaker:  Pastor J. P. Wilson, Liberty Church

      March 17, 2016      Speaker:  Pastor Bennie Richardson, Morningstar Missionary Baptist

      (Swift Church is providing lunch this week.  Contact Philip Melton to help out.  213-6505.)

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