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     Mission and service
    Mission fundraiser for the Santa Foundation 


    Swift donations
    light up the tree
    for local charity

    Why is Cathy Rogers lighting lights on a Christmas tree in worship in August? Each light represents $20 collected for Santa Foundation, a local charity. We have lights for $1,000. With today’s offering we reached $1,540. Thank you, Swift Church.



     ►Santa Foundation 

    We’re seeking donations throughout August
    for this local charity that helps children

     By PHILIP MELTON missions elder 

    We are adopting a different approach this year to our procedure for charitable giving. Instead of waiting until the Christmas season, December, to ask for donations for multiple organizations we are going to spread out a bit by giving those groups a full month.

    This year we will be supporting the Santa Foundation and the Presbyterian Home for Children in Talladega, focusing on giving financial support for Santa Foundation during August and financial support for the Presbyterian Home for Children during December. Also there will be opportunities to give to the children’s home for specific need, this fall, like coats, jackets and shoes for the children. You will hear more about those needs in the weeks to come.

    About the Santa Foundation . . .
    For those who are not familiar with the Santa Foundation, let me tell you about it. Santa Foundation is a local charitable organization that through recommendations from schoolteachers, guidance counselors, pastors and community leaders seeks to identify families in need within our community that are not already being helped by other charitable organizations so that it can provide some assistance. These are families that fall through the cracks for assistance. And, as I understand it, Santa Foundation is now providing this assistance year around. Their mission statement reads:

    “In the innocent eyes of a child, all wishes can come true.
    “In the spirit of Christmas, all hearts can be touched.
    “It is in giving that we receive.
    “The Santa Foundation … We Believe!

    “Established in 2005, The Santa Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit, charitable organization that was formed in the hearts of a group of friends, sitting around a dining-room table, sharing a desire to help children in need. Thanks to the generosity of many and their faith in this organization, many wishes have come true and many hearts have been touched. Recipients have been moved to tears by the overwhelming display of love that your donations have been able to provide. The sole purpose of the Santa Foundation is to help children and/or families with children that are in some type of need.”

    Swift Church has long supported the work of this worthy group because “we believe” in the work they are doing. According to the latest statistics for our church there are 134 giving units, a giving unit is a family, it could be a family of one or a family of four. Now if every giving unit — if every family — simply gave a one-time $20 donation, Swift could send Santa Foundation a substantial donation for the wonderful work they do. If you do the math, that is more than $2,500.

    You may have noticed the Christmas tree on the chancel. This is going to serve as a reminder and symbol of our giving. For every $20 donation we will add an ornament to the tree and we will add a light so we can visualize our efforts.

    So for the month of August we ask that you search your hearts and give generously to this group. Even if you already gave at their annual fundraiser last month, please continue to give for “it is in giving that we receive.” Thank you.

    You can make donations to the Santa Foundation by going to the Swift Church page on the secure online giving portal of the Presbyterian Mission Exchange. You can write an electronic check on your bank account or use a credit or debit card. First click the “Mission Fund” option, and when you get to the next page, make sure you specify in the notes area that you want your contribution to be for “Santa Foundation.”

    On a “smart phone,” you can choose to scan the quick-response code below to go to the Swift giving page:

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