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    A closer look . . .

    Here’s the story behind the seal
    of the Presbyterian Church (USA) that you see at the top
    of our home page
    and in our sanctuary’s
    stained-glass window.

    Five practices
    of fruitful

    Radical Hospitality
    — Romans 12:9–21

    Passionate Worship
    — John 4:21–24

        Faith Development

    — 1 Corinthians 9:19–24

    Risk-Taking Mission
        and Service

     — Matthew 25:14–30

    Extravagant Generosity
     — 2 Corinthians 9:6–15

    See this page
    for the full story
    from Outreach Magazine.

     Passionate worship

     Heard in church . . . 

    «You are God’s partner while you work for pay and while you till and keep after retirement.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s Sept. 4 sermon, “God’s Partner in Work”

    ——  ——

    «You are invited to the banquet. We are all invited to the banquet.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s Aug. 28 sermon, “All Are Invited and Welcome”

    ——  ——

    «We adults find joy when you each of you, all of you grow up living the truth of Jesus Christ.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s Aug. 21 sermon, “Family and Faith: Children and Youth”

    ——  ——

    «Find out what kind of words and conduct God wants and do that.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s Aug. 14 sermon, “Family and Faith: Young Adults”

    ——  ——

    «Tell your children about God’s faithfulness [and yours].»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s Aug. 7 sermon, “Family and Faith in Midlife”

    ——  ——

    «God has called you to faithful discipleship until your last breath.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s July 31 sermon, “Family and Faith in Later Years”

    ——  ——

    «Remember who you are and whose you are.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s July 24 sermon, “God Loves”

    ——  ——

    «When the ‘Pharaoh’ comes down on us and life gets hard, it’s easier to give up than be faithful.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s July 17 sermon, “Enslavement or Freedom?”

    ——  ——

    «We have witnessed evil and its power in the world this week. Much of that evil has been race-based. We are afraid. We are angry. Or worse: we are indifferent.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s July 10 sermon, “Settlers”

    ——  ——

    «God’s done the heavy lifting. All that’s left for us to do is respond to such extravagant grace.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s
    July 3 sermon,
    “Grace and Gratitude”

    ——  ——

    «Paul makes it clear by God’s grace we are free. But it’s not, ‘Okay, I can do anything I please.’ »

    — From Keith Cardwell’s June 26 sermon“Freedom in Christ”

    ——  ——

    «Through baptism into Christ, we belong to him and to one another.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s June 19 sermon, “I Wonder . . .”

    ——  ——

    «Do you believe you are going to Heaven? Do you?»

    — From Jody Beth Melton’s June 12 sermon, “Salvation Tug of War”

    ——  ——

    «Each of us has been called by God’s grace to life in Christ and service in his name. Not one of us is more worthy of God’s grace than another.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s June 5 sermon, “God Called Me Through His Grace”

    ——  ——

    «But that’s how we are. We change the gospel of saved by grace through faith to saved by grace and ________.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s May 29 sermon, “Only One Gospel”

    ——  ——

    «You can praise God whenever you have lips. Wherever your lips are. So that’s everywhere and anytime.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s May 22 sermon, “Praising Lips”

    ——  ——

    «We go where the spirit says go, and soar where the wind of God blows.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s May 15 sermon, “Up to the Highest Height”

    ——  ——

    «Jesus is the light of the world that dispels the dark. ... Trust Jesus. He wins.»

    — From Keith Cardwell’s May 8 sermon, “Jesus Wins”

    ——  ——

    «We are all on a journey, and Jesus desires to walk with us.»

    — From Jody Beth Melton’s May 1 sermon, “Knowing About God”

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