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       Sunday announcements

      June 26 • 2022
       Third Sunday after Pentecost 

      Passionate worship 


      ‘Being Guided by the Spirit’
      Galatians 5:1, 13–25  Luke 9:51–62
      — The Rev. Michael Moore

       — 8 a.m. — 
      In-person worship
      inside the historic chapel

       — 9 a.m. — 
      Sunday school
      Cheryl’s class meets in the annex, room 2.

       — 10 a.m. — 
      In-person worship
      inside the sanctuary

      ■ Live-streaming on Facebook;
      available later on YouTube and the church website

      ■ To join “live stream” worship, go to Facebook — Swift Presbyterian Church.

      ■ Worship services will be available for viewing after “live stream” on the church website.

      ►Fellowship time 

      We invite everyone to join us for fellowship time, immediately after the 10:00 service, in the fellowship hall.

      ►Sanctuary flowers 

      If you would like to place flowers on the chancel to honor or celebrate a loved one or a special occasion or “just because,” please contact Susie Alexander at 251-943-4145 or 217- 246-4051.

      ►Volunteers for worship 

      Are you willing to serve as an acolyte, as a greeter/usher or lead “time with the children”? Contact Greg McNair, worship elder, at 251-965-1003 or

      Congregational meeting is July 10 

      There will be a called congregational meeting on Sunday, July 10, at 9:50 a.m. in the sanctuary. The purpose of the meeting is to elect one deacon for the class of 2023. Randy LeDrew has been nominated for this position. There will be an opportunity for nominations from the floor.

      ►What’s happening ... 

      ■ Intercessory prayer group — 9 a.m. every Wednesday in the chapel

      Risk-taking mission and service 
      ►Food pantry 

      The food pantry is open every Wednesday from 10 to 11 a.m. to serve the community.

      This past Wednesday, we served 36 families and 90 people.

      We need more volunteers for the food pantry.
           ■ We need at least two volunteers who can lift 50-pound boxes of food every other Friday from 8 to 10 a.m. Contact Al Sprouse at 251-744-1944.
           ■ If you can volunteer one or two Wednesday mornings each month to distribute the food from the fellowship hall, 9:45 to 11 a.m., please contact Kathy Menk at 251-518-7966.

      Intentional faith development 
      ►‘Snacks with Susan and Daryl’ Sunday school class 

      Susan and Daryl’s class, which normally meets at 9 a.m. in the fellowship hall, is taking a summer break. Watch future announcements for when the class will resume.

      ►Adult Sunday school class led by Cheryl  

      Cheryl’s class will meet at 9 a.m. in room 2 in the annex. Everyone is invited to join us as we study the book of Genesis.

      ►Sunday school for children and youth 

      Tracy Akins’s class, which normally meets at 9 a.m. in the youth room in the annex, is taking the summer off.


      Co-administrative assistant

      Swift Presbyterian Church is seeking a co-administrative assistant. Applicants should have good administrative and people skills along with experience using Microsoft applications and the ability to manage the church Facebook page. This position is a job share and requires working 22 hours a week (T, W, Th 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., F 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) every other week.

      To apply, send a letter of interest and resume to Pastor Michael Moore at or mail to Swift Presbyterian Church, 23208 Swift Church Road, Foley, AL 36535.

      Church custodian

      We have a job opening for church custodian. The job will have a flexible work schedule and preference will be given to contract (1099) employment. Background check will be completed. 

      Send letter of interest, with skills and experience, to the attention of Jan Taylor, to

      Church custodian volunteers needed

      We need to renew our commitment to keeping God’s house clean and inviting during this time that we don’t have a custodian. I have volunteered to coordinate members who can help during the transitional time. I hope to get six people each week to work in teams of two and thereby keep the cleaning tasks to a manageable size. See below a checklist that defines the areas to clean and what to do — chapel, annex, main sanctuary and kitchen–fellowship hall. Don Aspray will clean the kitchen and fellowship hall for a couple of weeks but will be looking for help. Please study the list of duties. The church will provide cleaning supplies.

      I know we are all older now. My bones and muscles ache just like yours but I’m going to make this pledge of time and energy. This is not a permanent request so if you can help temporarily, please let me know. The more people willing to work, the less often you will be asked to work. Simply send an email to the church office with: your name(s), week you are available, and (if it matters) whether you wish to work in the chapel, annex or the main sanctuary. You pick what day you wish to work. The church staff is at the church Tuesday through Thursday from 9 to 3 and Friday from 9 to 1. If you don’t have a key, they can help you get access. The things listed as quarterly needs have not been custodian duties but nonetheless need to be done. Maybe we can have a church-wide work day sometime before Christmas for some deep cleaning. Just a thought!

      I am thankful for what this church has meant to me and my family over the years. I am thankful for each of you and how you have blessed Swift Church with your commitment. Here is yet another call — I hope we can do this one more thing!

      Love to all.
      Lynn Aspray

            Dust and mop floors
            Dust piano and other furnishings
            Clean bathrooms
            Vacuum pew seats, wipe out window sills and clean windows

            Dust and mop floors in all rooms and hallways
            Vacuum entry rugs
            Clean the bathrooms
            Sweep entry
            Clean window sills, blinds and windows

      Main sanctuary
            Vacuum all carpeted areas
            Clean window sills
            Clean front doors
            Sweep entry
            Clean windows
            Clean balcony — vacuum and dust

      Kitchen–fellowship hall
            Sweep and mop all floors
            Clean window sills and glass in windows
            Clean the stoves

      Extravagant generosity 
      ►Tithes and offerings 

      Thank you for your generous pledges and ongoing offerings. Your support and commitment to Swift Church is greatly appreciated.

      Prayers and joys 
      ►Please let us know . . . 

      Please call the church or email to notify us of any joys or concerns; birthdays, anniversaries, health issues or family deaths so that we may put it in the weekly emailed announcements for your church family to pray with you or to praise God for your joy. (We don’t publish personal prayer concerns on the website.)


           ■ Brycen Hall is doing well and recovering from surgery at home.

           ■ Denise’s knee is improving on its own with no MRI at this time.

           ■ The Sweet Home Soiree last Thursday evening was well attended and celebrated the ministry of the Rev. Samford Turner while raising awareness and funds for the Presbyterian Home for Children. Thank you to all who continue to support this mission.


      ■ Birthdays: June 26 — Bridgit Gosa; June 28 — Maycie Ulrich (Brewer), Kim Kirkwood

      ■ Anniversary: July 1 — Bill and Linda Estes

      ►Judy Walker obituary 

      As we continue to pray for the family of Judy Walker, and thank God for the joy she was in our lives and Swift Church, you may want to read her obituary at Gulf Coast Media | Judith K. Walker.

      ►Pray for mission workers in Africa. 

      • Inge and Larry Sthreshley
      in Democratic Republic of Congo

      ►Pray for military friends and families. 

      Zane Brewer: U.S. Marine Corps, Jacksonville, North Carolina

      Dennis “Trey” Brown: U.S. Army, Fairbanks, Alaska

      Jeffrey Cain: U.S. Coast Guard, Miami, Florida

      David Esparza: U.S. Marine Corps, Jacksonville, North Carolina

      Cody Havel: U.S. Navy, Jacksonville, Florida

      Rich Kleen: Quantico, Virginia

      Jeremy Rechkemmer: U.S. Army

      Maj. Jeremy Timm: National Guard, Arkansas

      Tarah Young: U.S. Army, South Korea

      ►Church staff and contact information 

      Church office hours: Tuesday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

      Pastor Michael: Office and ministry outside of the building: Sunday through Thursday

      Pastor Jody Beth: Office and ministry outside of the building: Sunday and Tuesday through Thursday

      Please contact us any time for urgent needs and emergencies.

      Vacation notice

      I will be taking two weeks’ vacation time beginning Monday, June 27. Should you have any concerns while I’m away, please contact your deacon, Pastor Michael at 970-699-8014, or the church office at 251-943-8367. God’s peace be with you.

      — Pastor Jody Beth

      Interim Pastor Michael Moore

      Assistant Pastor Jody Beth Melton

      Sena Cooper
      , office assistant
      Kathy Menk, office volunteer

      Jessica Hammontree
      , director


      Michael Moore, interim pastor:

      Jody Beth Melton, assistant pastor:
      Lisa Cardwell, music director
      Jessica Hammontree, preschool director
      Church office: 251-943-8367
      Preschool: 251-943-8367
      Preschool website

         Find us on


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